5 Places I want to visit


  1. NYC
  2. Paris
  3. Florida
  4. Germany
  5. England/Ireland

This year I added not one, but five destinations to my wish list of places I would like to travel to sometime in my lifetime.

NYC– I have always wanted to go to NYC ever since I was a little girl.

Paris – I love the iconic Eiffel Tower. My mother’s side of the family is from France. My great grandmother lived in a castle in France.

Florida – My grandmother lived in Florida for many years. We had the pleasure of visiting her there a few times. One fond memory was visiting her for Christmas where we were able to eat Christmas dinner on her patio in our shorts and flip flops. We weren’t able to do this back home in Ohio (brr!) Florida is a very big state to visit in such a short time so I wanted it on this on my list.

Germany – Germany is always a place I wanted to visit. My father’s side of the family is from Germany.

England/Ireland – I realize both countries are extremely big but I thought I would group them together since they are close to each other and a lot of travelers explore both of them during the same trip. One place I really want to visit in Ireland is the Cliffs of Moher.


German Village

a street in German Village


German Village is a historic neighborhood just south of Downtown Columbus.

I love visiting German Village. It is a beautiful place to visit. I look forward to going down to German Village. The houses are amazing. They are so old and beautiful. I have this cute hobby of looking at old homes. It doesn’t have anything to do with real estate. I love taking photos of old homes.

My favorite places in German Village:

Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus  – Schmidt’s is a German food restaurant in German Village. It can be busy on the weekends. They do not take reservations so get there early. You can always skip lunch and come there for an early dinner. I recommend the buffet where you can sample many of the foods all at once.  My favorite meal is the German Meatloaf followed by their famous Cream Puff.



The Book Loft – The Book Loft is an awesome place to visit. It is a historic book store with 32 rooms of books. You can literally get lost in there. It is fun to grab a coffee and browse the 32 rooms of books.



IMG_0044 IMG_0043 IMG_0034

The Golden Hobby Shop – The Golden Hobby Shop is located in an 1864 school house. They sell handmade items by local seniors.


North Market


North Market is an indoor market in Columbus, Ohio that offers fresh and prepared foods, enthic cuisine, flowers, and gifts. There is a coffee store, Jeni’s ice cream, a candy store, a cookware store, a polish food place, a sushi place, two or more pizza places, and much more.

There is a small private parking lot but we found a meter to park at a short walking distance away. It was a pleasant walk and added to the experience.

I had a amazing slice of cheese pizza from a pizza place called Sarefino’s Pizzeria and Italian Deli. They serve New York Style pizza, stromboli, calzones etc. I didn’t get a photo of it because I ate it too fast and did not think of it.

For a complete list of what North Market has to offer, go to http://www.northmarket.com/meet-the-market